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...Dr. Elkin is an integrative cardiologist focused on prevention rather than waiting for a catastrophic event
and then climbing uphill.

This is the kind of doctor I seek for the care of my heart...

Stephen T Sinatra MD

...From Both Sides of the Table: When Doctor Becomes Patient is not only personal, it is full of hope, inspiration, and vital messages that can save your life...


Photo of Dr. Sinatra

This book is a must read!

Dr. Elkin’s perseverance and determination in the face of adversity and health related issues is extraordinary.
A daunting chain of events took place that led to the realization t
hat you must listen to your body and be proactive. Constantly learning and thinking outside the box is his key to overseeing your health.

His philosophy on sound nutrition and exercise are key factors to a healthy lifestyle, as there is no magic pill.
He focuses on prevention and lifestyle management versus pharmaceuticals except when necessary.

Dr. Elkin has given us permission to take charge, ask questions, and be better informed no matter what. Knowledge is power and staying connected to your body is paramount. Having been the doctor and the patient has opened his eyes. He is an expert in his field as well as an empath who truly desires to help his patients heal by giving them the necessary tools for success. 

This is a sincere account with selfless words of wisdom in his endeavor to change the medical field for the better, and to empower all of us to be our own “Medical Advocate”.


          Lisa Nunziella

          Life Fitness Coach

         Partner/Producer, Alumbra Films

Being an RN for over 40 years, has had one major drawback; always
being present for others, while putting myself last.

This book has empowered me to both change and set new priorities.
What I have learned is that we must Plan for Wellness, while Focusing on Prevention. 
Dr. Elkin provides us the tools and roadmap to do this. 

We must take the driver’s seat!

Dr. Elkin is an excellent role model, sets a good example and motivates us to take charge NOW.

Everyone who reads this book will surely benefit. 


          Amy Kaufman, RN

This is not simply another "how to take care of your heart" book! In a most engaging, self-effacing, and inspiring sharing of the considerable physical and emotional stresses life has dealt him, Dr. Elkin compellingly illustrates the need for patients to be respected, and how patients can successfully take charge of their health by becoming their own “Medical Advocate". 


With the inclusion of inspiring testimonies, coupled with Dr. Elkin's honest sharing of difficult health situations as both physician and patient, this becomes a book that offers readers every tool to effectively enable them to push to attainment their own health goals.   


          David Stetson, musician

The information that Dr. Elkin provided around this book has been unquestionable and, admittedly, what made me both eager to get my hands on it and terrified to read it. I mean, what if I was to be the one person that being your own best health care advocate didn’t apply? However, with the relevancy of the information that this book provides, I knew this one was a must-read, so I was ready to set my fears aside and dive in. 


That said, I had an altogether more personal, ulterior motive for wanting to read this book. Dr. Elkin personally guided me through my own health recovery journey, through using his proven methods. This has led me now to the healthiest point in my life!


This book will give you the cheat codes on how to avoid being a hamster in a wheel in the medical system.


Thank you, Dr. Elkin, for your knowledge, and thank you for being in the forefront of a revolution that is for the patient!


          Ralph Abitbol, DC    

This is a real-life human-interest book with something for everyone. It’s the Real Deal. In his book, Dr. Elkin points out that no one is immune from health issues, not even a physically fit cardiologist who suffers a heart attack, and 19 months later emergency back surgery.


Dr. Elkin is the Real McCoy. He’s been there. He knows what it’s like to be a doctor, and then suddenly when the tables are turned, becomes a patient. Through personal examples, Dr. Elkin relates his own health story and the struggles and obstacles he encountered along the way needed to regain his health and become his own medical advocate. 


I found myself not wanting to put the book down, but eagerly wanting to know what was in the next chapter. I feel encouraged. Now, I want to become my own Medical Advocate.


   Joe Huckeba, Retired  

In this book, Dr. Elkin provides us with the tools necessary to take charge of our own wellness to create the best strategies for our overall health.  Due to the rise in medical specialists, most of us have a “team” of doctors that is not being managed well. No one seems to be in charge! Sadly, it is rare to find a medical care provider that has the integrity and sincerity of Dr. Elkin. He fully understands “Both Sides of the Table” as he has lived it both personally and professionally. His journey includes conventional medicine coupled with the support of alternative therapies. 


This book is a must read for those of us who demand a higher standard of health. Realistically, the only way through this health care crises is to take charge and manage our own self-care and become our own medical advocate. This book provides the information we all need to attain vibrant health throughout our entire lives 


Russ Pfeiffer, Rolfer  

Dr.Elkin's book is a real eye opener when it comes to seeking professional medical opinions and care.
His experience, strength and unstoppable drive make this read not only educational, but inspirational
or the road to achieving wellness.

           Joey Feldman, artist  

As a patient of Dr. Howard Elkin for the past six years, I have learned firsthand what it means to be my own “Medical Advocate.” It has been life changing for me!


This book so clearly demonstrates how Stress and Unknowns can creep into our lives and suddenly derail our health and entire life!


Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for an intense ride through this book! It is packed with expert advice and resources from the Authentic Medical Advocate himself, Dr. Howard Elkin!

You will walk away with quite a comprehensive “to do list” to take your life & health to the next level!!

As I have heard him say…“Just put one foot in front of the other and move forward.”


A gut-wrenching story of life and amazing advice on “taking charge” and Living Your Very Best Life!!


With Gratitude to Dr. Howard Elkin


         Roberta Pierce, retired

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