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September 2022





Are you satisfied with how medicine is practiced today?

Do you ever walk out of your doctor’s office feeling unheard?

When you visit your doctor, do you feel as if you have been given adequate options from which to make decisions?

Does your doctor routinely ask about your sleep pattern, your gut function, or your exercise routine?

Does your doctor address your nutritional needs?

If the answers to these questions is NO, the time is ripe for CHANGE. Given the current climate of corporatization of healthcare, the pandemic, and the dictum that “one size fits all,” it’s unlikely to expect a shift to more personal care anytime soon.



It’s about taking charge of your health and always staying in the driver’s seat. It’s not about expecting less from the medical establishment, it’s about expecting more from ourselves. 

I was hospitalized twice in a span of 19 months for these two unrelated medical emergencies. I learned firsthand that the traditional medical model was not enough for me to thrive. So, I grabbed the bull by the horns and become my own best Medical Advocate. This book not only recants my journey, but it also lays the groundwork for you to follow my lead and become your own Medical Advocate.

The book is divided into five parts:

PART 1 is my actual story. I’m a cardiologist who happened to sustain a mild heart attack. Being clueless at the time, I was in complete denial. How did that happen? How can I prevent a future cardiac event?  What can you do to prevent such a mishap? 

Seventeen months later I was back at Cedars -Sinai Medical Center in need of emergency back surgery. My surgery was complicated by permanent nerve damage. I was very much broken. I worked hard to recover, but I didn’t do it alone. I assembled my “Dream-Team” and aimed for the stars. It’s not about looking back, but about pushing forward. 

PART2 is the medical or factual component where you will learn about the various risk factors for heart disease, both major and minor players. The less appreciated risk factor, stress, is highlighted in detail.

PART 3 introduces the concept of the Medical Advocate. You will read about individuals who did what was necessary to take control of their heath. This underscores the fact that you don’t need to be a doctor or medical professional to be your own best Medical Advocate. The focus is on nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress management and longevity. All these topics are crucial when seeking optimal health and wellness.

This book will provide you with the following:

•    Learning your patient bill of rights

•    Assuming your patient responsibilities 

•    Choosing the right nutrient dense food for you

•    Personalizing what supplements are vital

•    Appreciating the importance of stress reduction and the present moment.

•    Learning what exercise is most crucial and why

•    Avoiding aging ungracefully ever after


Pulling in the reins as it relates to your health and wellness is the only way to fully retain your ability to heal and thrive. The time is NOW.

I hope my own journey to an expanded self awareness of my health and medical advocacy will inspire yours.

Enjoy !

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