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Howard Elkin MD, FACC has practiced cardiology in Whittier, California since 1986. He graduated with highest honors from the Medical College of Virginia in 1979, completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, followed by a fellowship in clinical cardiology at Northwestern University. Dr. Elkin moved to Southern California in 1984, where he completed an additional fellowship in invasive cardiology at the Los Angeles Heart Institute.

Dr. Elkin realized in the early 90s that mainstream cardiology focused on diagnosing and treating patients who exhibited a disease of excess: excess blood pressure, excess cholesterol, excess body weight, excess smoking, excess stress, and a lack of physical activity. “I discovered that even after ‘fixing’ the problem with angioplasty, stent deployment, and/or bypass surgery, the patient would often revert back to their previous complacent habits.”

So, in 1994, Dr. Elkin added a preventative component to his practice with the HeartWise Fitness Institute, combining sound nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Patients were empowered to live happier, healthier, and less stressful lives.  After completing a fellowship in anti-aging medicine, his practice became known as HeartWise Fitness & Longevity Center.

During a 19-month span, Dr. Elkin was hospitalized twice on an emergency basis for two unrelated medical problems. It helped him realize how crucial it was to step up to the plate and become, what he called, his own best Medical Advocate

Dr. Elkin practices what he preaches. In addition to bodybuilding, he has participated in hiking, long-distance running, and cycling, while continuing to dance and sing regularly. He has raised two grown daughters DeAnna and Marisa and loves his new role as grandpa.

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